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  • Facial Plastic Surgery

    The facial skin surgery usually includes: • Facelift • Neck Lift • browlift • Eyelid surgery • Ear Surgery • Cheek Surgery • Chin Surgery • Fat Transfer

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  • ‘90s Women’s Fashion Trends

    '90s are back in a big way, and being the nostalgic group that we are, we couldn't be happier about it. To truly appreciate today's trend, we suggest looking back on its origins.

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    Costume jewelry has been part of culture for almost 300 years. Jewels made of semi-precious material were more affordable, and this affordability gave common people the chance to own costume jewelry.

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Advantages Of Using Snapchat Geofilters

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aaeaaqaaaaaaaah0aaaajddhzwi0yzq3ltvjymmtndlimc05mgzklwe1odi2zdqzzje4yqThe smartphone has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. The smartphone has utterly revolutionized the way we communicate. Today, a smartphone made it easy to share images, videos and other files. What makes a smartphone more functional and easy are its applications. There are many applications available for mobile phones. Snapchat is one of the popular mobile applications, which reached great popularity in a short span of time, since its launch. The specialty of Snapchat is that it will self-destruct the videos and images after it is viewed. Another advantage of Snapchat is that you can add effects to your photos using the filters. You can buy Snapchat filters on demand online.

Due to the popularity of Snapchat among the masses, the marketers have been using this app for marketing and business promotion. The Recent launch of on-demand geofilters by Snapchat offers a cheap advertising opportunity, especially for the beginner-level marketers. You should never undermine the power of Snapchat marketing. You can look into this page <> to know the effectiveness of Snapchat marketing. The idea of monetizing the filter is not something new for Snapchat.

Earlier, it has launched many programs, which are expensive and are ideal for companies in with a marketing budget. The cost of geofilters is very cheap and can be availed for $5. With the growing number of Snapchat users, the marketers believe that geofilters can help the help the brand to easily with the target audience.

Having custom-designed Snapchat filters can provide many advantages. You can garner the attention of your guests, friends, and customers, by using a geofilters. The fact is that geofilters save a ton of money on your marketing budget. It is not necessary that your business should have a brick and mortar store for Snapchat geofilter promotion. Geofilter offers a broad range of opportunities to promote your business or brand.

Geofilters can be used for an industrial event. The attendees would like to share images and videos of the event to many people. Geofilter can add a company logo to all the pictures, thereby connecting your brand with thousands of individuals in a small time frame.

Geofilter for snap chat is available for both Android and iOS users. To make use of this feature, you need to enable this feature and also turn on location services in your mobile. The procedure for accessing the geofilter differs with Android and iOS mobile phone. There are many companies, which specialize in creating customized Snapchat geofilters for their clients.

Right from ancient days, human beings used images and art for efficient communication means. It is said that a picture can speak thousand. In this extremely busy world, people are more interested in visuals than texts and words. Snapchat, being a popular and growing image and video sharing app, offers an excellent opportunity for the business to boost its brand image through images and videos.

When choosing professional design services for your on-demand Snapchat filters, you need to keep few things in your mind. Check the testimonials of the clients and also see their recently completed works/projects. Your business can enjoy the fullest benefits of Snapchat by utilizing the best design services.

Flattering Dresses For Your Figure

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dress-fitting-roomIn the globe of ever-changing fashion, it is a challenge to wear flattering clothes to match your figure. Are you looking for today’s fashion to make yourself impressive? Fashion is a gizmo, like hairstyles or makeup, to obtain a look you adore. To get a positive effect on your figure, you can change your dressing style. You can add structure to a body that is soft and add softness to a body that is angular. Finally, the whole idea is about creating a balance.

To get data and analysis tools on the powerful market research of textiles, clothing, and apparels you can click onto for a clear perceptive.

Triangle shaped body
· Features: A trim waist, shapely legs, and eye-catching hips give a feminine appeal to your body.
· Some common pitfalls: You can show off with slim fit shirts, because of your slender top body. Tiny tops make your bottom look larger than it is.
· Tops: A cardigan can be your best friend because it gives you a lightweight size. Try out cropped jackets when the weather is cool.
· Bottoms: The best outfit for your body is boot-cut pants. Try A-line dresses or skirts because that will drop gently over your bends.
· Flair and Fabrics: Try out bright colours and embroidered tops. Lumpy jewellery can work on you.

Circle shaped body

· Features: Your figure looks graceful with Slight shoulders, a trim booty, and slender legs.
· Some common pitfalls: It’s better not to show off your little leg and forearms.
· Tops: Your intention is to append structure on top since your body is round and soft. You can go for a blazer. You will look classy on flutter sleeves, cowl necks and draped fabrics.
· Bottoms: Show off your glamorous legs. A bootcut or straight leg look perfect on you. You can show- off your legs, by wearing heels which will make you look slimmer.
· Flair and Fabrics: When you wear patterns and prints especially as tops you will look outstanding. Your figure can also be flattered by geometric prints and big floral design tops.

Hourglass shaped body:
· Features: Your figure looks excellent with big breasts, curvy hips and slim waist.
· Tops: The key to your body type is simplicity. You can go for three-quarter sleeves and scoop neckline that looks simple and clean. Show off your contour, with flares at the hips to have a snug look or dress up in princess line with gathers in the waist.
· Bottoms: You will look excellent in skirts that are below the knees and not above it. Skinny jeans, pencil skirts will make you look dashing. To show-off your innate curve, wear correct fitting skirts and pants.
· Fabrics and Flair: Solid colors will match your body line, and prints can mask it. Widen the fabric it a bit and don’t use extra fabric.

Ruler-Shaped Body
· Features: Your physique is easy to equip because of its slenderness and it is often sporty.
· Tops : Avoid straight lines or squares when you choose a shirt. Instead, go for rounded hemlines or ruffle and asymmetrical designs. You will look classy on off-the-shoulder shirts and boat necks.
· Bottoms: You will look fantastic on high-waist pants.
· Fabrics: Use fabric that adds femininity to your looks.

With these tips wear dresses that flatter your figure and make you feel good.

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What To Consider When Selecting A Factoring Company

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how-does-factoring-workAre you looking for factoring for your trucking company? If so you must remember to pick the top factoring companies for your business. Choosing a good and professional firm offers better factoring experience. Factoring for trucking companies is offered by many factoring firms. You must make sure whether the firm you select offers factoring solutions to businesses of all size and develop more cash flow for your business.

When shipping your product to international customers, you must follow several rules and regulations in packing, documentation, labeling etc. Also, the tariff rate varies from one country to another. The website contains the important terms of exports with their meaning and process.

The experts working in the best factoring firm will understand your business requirements first and they will explain how their factoring services benefit your business. If you are satisfied with them then they draft a custom plan that fits your requirements. Most factoring companies offer recourse and non-recourse factoring, accessing online account management, and also several paperwork options as part of their factoring services. Initially, you want to fill the factoring application before hiring them.

Once you became a client of a factoring company, a personal account staff is assigned to you separately. The account executive supports you in managing your factoring account further. The experts suggest you verify the credit on each customer you have. It is the best method to get the updated information so that you can determine which customer you want to haul and how much you want to haul.

You can select either recourse or non-recourse factoring type. In non-recourse type, your factor bears the risk of debtors defaults and you can prevent from credit loss whereas in Recourse factoring you are totally responsible for the invoice payment regardless of your customer pays or not.

Do you want them to do your paperwork? Then there are many methods to send them. The factoring firms require your Bill of lading, Proof of Delivery, invoice, for the loads you haul. The professional factoring companies scan all the documents so that you can access them at any time on your free account management portal. The top factoring companies offer the next day or same day funding and you must verify with the company before signing the agreement. Also, verify whether all these crucial details are available in the agreement.

You want to hire a company that has some years of experience in the factoring industry. You must check whether the company offers standard services like same day funding, upload your documents easily, online account access, leading discounts and fuel card with credit lines, free credit analysis and collections, etc.

You must also want to check whether the company has prior experience in working with clients of your business. For example, check whether the factoring company has worked with any manufacturing clients before if you are doing manufacturing business. When choosing a factoring company, you must ensure whether their services help you save money and make more working capital for your business.

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Beat Your Summers With A Chilling Homemade Treat

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loadeWhen the Summer hits, the supermarkets get swamped up with lots of luxurious brands of ice creams. Age doesn’t matter. Whenever you buy one, you crave for yet another ice cream. But if you are really health conscious or if you cannot afford to buy ice creams every day, an ice cream maker will prove to be useful as it will help you to prepare your favorite ice cream adding your loved flavor and toppings. Moreover, you have a control over the ingredients added to it, again your healthy eating favors! From traditional hand cranked versions to modern self-powered machines, ice cream makers have evolved and gained popularity over a short period of time.

The vintage ice cream makers like these models were the all-time favorite machines of the chefs of olden days. They prepared ice creams within the limitation of machines. Now, frozen desserts are available in solution, suspension or a combination of both or even the scattered ice crystals in bubbled syrups too. Smarter machines and technologies takes gastronomy to the next level. Have you ever heard of an ice cream eating contest in any part of the world? Check out the news at to see the surprising feature held in Atlanta.

Frozen Desserts are the interesting subjects for all chefs who prepare them. Ever since ice cream has evolved, they have been a lot to learn and gain from it. Ice creams can be made with any flavors and additives in less time and energy. However, an absolute ice cream maker is your tool to create the perfect chilling dessert. Let us look into some of the important considerations before buying an ice cream maker.

Your budget comes first with the purchase of any kitchen tool, so as with an ice cream maker. There are cheap bowls and crank models as well as sophisticated power driven ones. Depending upon the utility, choose the best features that meet your needs. While manual models require a bottom stir during freezing, an electric machine performs this with the motor attached. Electric makers are easy to operate and are time saving. Check the level of noise that it emits. Electric machines definitely have loud voice enough to irritate you than the silent manual machine.

Freezing techniques are considered while purchasing an ice cream maker. The vintage models use salt and ice which are also cost-effective models. However, you should feed both ice and salt until the process completes, which is not that friendly enough to go with. A freezer bowl, on the other side, is pre-frozen for 8 hours and then prepared. This is comparatively hassle-free technique to prepare the ice cream. Check the quality of ice cream made by the machine. The churning and freezing play an inevitable role in its quality. Ask a friend who has a previous experience with it before making the decision.

Size really matters when you select the machine. If you are an entrepreneur, you require a machine that produces ice cream in large quantities. If you are an occasional user, you need not go for such bigger versions. Thus, an ice cream maker should be chosen with ample amount of research.

Get Whisky To Taste Better With The Best Decanter Sets

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1There is a lot of good news waiting for all you whiskey lovers out there. Some of the best whiskey decanter set can be found at popular sites like,, and so on. Many people are now slowly realizing that having a glass or two for alcohol can actually have some positive effects on the body. According to a recent article found at, drinking sensibly has been proven to be beneficial for the circulatory and digestive system, and may even be instrumental in preventing the formation of gallstones. It could even act as a shield as the early onset of lifestyle disorders like Type 2 diabetes.

Obviously, there could be a lot of eyes rolling if someone were to say alcohol drinking could actually do a lot good than harm. But, when medical experts, currently undertaking research into various cardiovascular disorders, have proclaimed moderate drinking as a boon to those at risk from heart diseases, then we ought to really just keep quiet and listen! According to a recent study, low levels of alcohol sufficiently led to a rise in the readings of High-Density Lipoprotein, or just HDL in the blood of test subjects. HDL is unlike LDL, as it is a form of good cholesterol. High levels of HDL are often encouraged as they protect the heart against various diseases.

Of course, all the benefits that can be had from alcohol are only possible with a moderate intake. High and hard drinking has always been discouraged. Even the exquisite taste, that can be had from alcoholic drinks like wine, scotch and whiskey are lost, if these are consumed in excess.

Why Do We Use Decanter Sets?

Well, for starters, there is the style-factor that is often associated with decanters. Any high-class fellow, used to dining in a posh atmosphere can vouch for the fact that there is something positively attractive in the way the drinks just seem to glow in a decanter. A decanter was usually used for Red wines and port and was a constant sight at every stylish aristocratic English home. The decanter lets the drink settle and breathe. It allows the mellow and subtle flavors to come out ever so gently, giving the connoisseur a chance to figure out all the secrets that lay within it.

Today, decanter sets are used for scotch and whiskey as well. If you are a stylish guy and are in the habit of having friends and business associates over for dinner parties, then there is nothing more indicative of your aesthetic sense than your very own decanter set.

A decent decanter set can be bought from high-end stores. But, if you want a wider variety, then the best mode to shop for these is through the internet. As said earlier, online stores like Amazon are now offering a terrific range of decanter sets, in a wider price range. Decanter sets can be made from a variety of materials, like crystal and glass. But, keep away from lead crystal ones, as these can lead to organ damage in the future.


Looking For The Perfect Christmas Gift? Try A Decanter Set!

Many people falter when it gets close to the holidays. We have all been there, searching through countless stores and catalogs, for the best and most meaningful gift we can give during the holidays. And none of us can stomach the thought of being outdone by another guy in the art of gifting. So, why not try something totally different this time, and buy a really cool personalized whiskey decanter? Especially, if the person you intend it for is a great connoisseur of the smooth and amber drink? Or, you can even try getting one for yourself, perhaps. After all, don’t we need the relaxation that comes with a glass or too? recently ran an article where researchers extolled the many benefits that come with having up to two glasses of alcohol in a day. That is the maximum they say that could be said to be a moderate form of drinking. Apparently, cardiovascular diseases were said to be at a minimum for those who downed a maximum of two-three glasses of their drink daily before bedtime. But, be warned! All the health benefits that the research has shown will be totally lost if the number of glasses goes beyond 3 per day. So, control is the key to preserving the advantages of drinking stuff like scotch and wine.

So, how to look for a decanter?

For a first-timer, buying a decanter can be quite tough and a bit maddening. Essentially there are three things you will have to consider while trying to choose among the plethora of decanters that are ava

Importance Of Football Passing Drills

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mixed-flag-footballIf you are training football passing drills, you need to have the right drills to practice. When it comes to football, passing the balls remains as the most important skill. It may look simple, but it is extremely difficult to do on the ground. You need to ensure that the ball reaches your target without getting disturbed by another team player. It is difficult to coach children regarding football passing drills especially if they are between five and six years old. You have to keep the young ones occupied by remaining dedicated, patient and fun. When you coach them in a fun manner, they will enjoy and follow the game. If you wish to get an idea about various football passing drills, you need to check out Chelsea FC Blog page.

Youth coaches have a great responsibility to construct the main foundation as a path to athletic success. It is mandatory to work as per the player’s skills or your personal skills. Football is one of the famous sports activities on the earth. No person will feel exhausted to see a football match. If you have planned to train football, you have to offer proper football passing drills to the players.

When coaching football, it is important to take them through suitable drills since the youngsters have to maintain the information. They should be sure of what they are doing. You may wish to play them in aggressive and serious manner but that does not mean they should take it is as an overwhelming activity. Kids have a lot of activities in their daily life. They need to do their school work, focus on other activities and ensure to spend in outdoor games they enjoy. If you wish them to give a perfect outdoor lesson, it is best to give football lessons. It will help the normal players to gain the idea you have in mind and exceptional players to perform in most productive football passing drills.

You need to consider your kid’s timetable when training in football. They should not have other lifestyle issues since it has chances to disturb their football training sessions. There are several passing drills important to provide to football players. It is necessary especially while you start to search for children talented in playing football.

Teaching new skills
If you have five to six years old kids for training, it is not easy to teach them something new. As a coach, you should focus on detailing the fundamental rules of football, encourage kids to follow football news and watch football channel and be patient. The trainer will line up the kids and teach the positions. They will learn it by practicing and muscle memory.

Keeping them interested
It is challenging to keep the kids interested in the game. The trainers make fun and teach the game in an exciting manner. They would not train in a serious way since there are chances for kids to lose attention or concentration. The trainers will keep including new ideas and thoughts to teach them. They set convenient practice schedules that would be five to ten minutes for each football drill. This way, they would get engaged and does not get overloaded with information.

Simple Steps For Donating Money

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While we all love supporting a cause, many times we are burdened by our financial commitments that we are unable to do so. Sometimes this leaves us feeling somewhat guilty about not doing our bit for the society. Therefore, has come up with some simple steps that you can follow in order donate without any holes in your budget.

Donate Without Emptying Your Bank Account
We are all living our life under tight financial circumstances. Sometimes, there is a need to be frugal also. Being frugal does not necessarily entitle you not to support a cause. You could still do so by planning your finances. Helping others and being involved in a charity certainly brings a level of happiness that cannot be replaced. It is best to send in smaller amounts on a monthly basis to support a cause. If at all you are tied up too much, you could still contribute by volunteering at the charity.

This one of the best methods, to do your bit for the society, without spending a lot of money. Furthermore, this can be done along with your family and friends. When we join hands with our friends and family, we feel motivated and this would be a good way to instill the habit of giving in your kids’ mind as well. There are so many options such as volunteering at the local soup kitchen or building houses. In case you need more options, there are some great resources that can help you find a cause. Jumo, VolunteerMatch and Idealist are some of the best resources to look for volunteering. There also apps such as Catalista that can help you find an opportunity in your locality itself.

Closet Cleaning
Wondering how closet cleaning can be a way of charity? Here is how. Go through your closet and choose the clothes you are not going to use. It could be something that you have been hanging on for a long time or a dress that no longer fits you. Getting rid of them might be difficult. But giving them away for people who need them will definitely make you feel better. More than you, it might mean a lot to the people who need. You could look up online on how to donate clothes and where to go and drop them. Go ahead and clean up your closet.

Multiply Your Donations
Get money for your charitable causes through the place you are working at. Many organizations support their employee’s contribution equally which means you will get double the amount you are willing to donate. Before doing this, check your company’s website and understand their policies about donation or corporate social responsibility. You can also check out the charities your company is supporting and think about contributing to them. Google your company’s name with the term foundation to check if they are running any charity organizations. If none of these options come in handy, check with the human resources team for more information. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is not to exploit this option like many tend to do.

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The Bug Out Bag Essentials

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72-hour-bug-out-bag-infographic-thumbThere are some items that must always be a part of the bug out bag list that you have. Unless and until all the basic items that are a must to survive on a day to day basis are present in your bug out bag list there will a lot of major problems in times to come. Please make sure that you are able to take into account all your most basic needs and wants before you start filling up your bug out list.

You must give a lot of care and attention to the selection of the bag that you will use as your bug out bag. This is of the great essence because of a lot of vital reasons. You must make sure that the bag that you choose is made of very tough material and will last even in very harsh conditions. It must be waterproof.

After you have chosen the best bug out bag that you could have, you should move on to the bug out bag list. Please make sure that the stuff that you choose to put into the bag is very well suited to the type of the bag that you have chosen. In fact, it has to be said that some sort of compatibility in the contents and the bag is a must.

This computability must be in terms of the material, type as well as the size of the bag and the proposed contents which are a part of the bug out bag list. It means that if you choose a bag that is not very large in size then you should fill up the bag with things that are not too big. They must be well suited to each other and also to the overall scheme of things.

The first and foremost content that must be a part of your bug out bag list is water. You must make sure that you have means to keep your body hydrated for a long time. If you are not able to carry enough water in your bug out bag then you are bound to face a lot of problems. We are all aware of the fact that water is the most vital need of a human body.

So, if it will be very wise, smart and prudent to make sure that there is a lot of water in the bug out bag that you are carrying. You can also think of other ways and means to keep your body very well hydrated. But it is a must to make sure that you do not waste too much space in the bug out bag in order to store water.

You must make sure that the amount of space that you give to the individual items in your bag is optimum. Too little of an essential item or too much of a less needed item will be a bad way to take things forward. Please make sure that such a situation does not arise under any circumstances.

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A Perfect Yoga Program To Melt Fat

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With proper training, nobody can stop you from lowering body weight. Be it through yoga or any other way out, losing weight is important if you are obese. Being light weight makes you fit in every way. People are becoming yoga savvy these days. There are varieties of yoga known to people. There are many yoga types, whose name may not be known to majority people. Consult a yoga instructor to learn the perfect yoga poses for a perfect body. Women are usually concerned of they can lose weight by going yoga or not. Melting fats require some real determination.

Hence, it is not about a man or a woman, yoga can help lose weight if you do it consistently. Over the past few years yoga has become popular in the virtual world also. People are learning to do yoga through online tutorials. Yoga was never practiced so extensively. Yoga Burn Review is evident enough to show that people are going crazy about yoga. Yoga was earlier known as just a niche in the field of fitness. Today yoga has become a mainstream thing. Yoga has multiple benefits. Yoga can be useless if not done correctly. Many people complain they are not benefitted even after months of yoga practice.

Usually, what happens with these people is , they practice yoga wrongly. A wrong yoga posture or wrong breathing technique can cause negative effects in your body. hence avoid doing yoga unless you are quite sure about it. Right breathing technique plays a special role in improving your body aspects. A lot of stress can be regulated just be sitting and meditating. This itself explains that right breathing rhythm is so very important. Maintain an erect posture when doing yoga. Do not treat your body clumsily.

Slowly move into difficult positions. There is no need to perform a yoga pose that you are not able to do now. With time you will master it and will be able to get its full benefit. Your body will be stressed very badly with wrong yoga posture. Hence, do not stress your body in the name of doing yoga. In fact, stress is a major reason behind unnecessary weight gain. Watch out yourself in the mirror when performing yoga. Originally, fat loss is considered as a secondary benefit from yoga. The primary benefit from yoga is stress relief. If a person is at peace, he or she is already going to have a properly functioning body features.

With appropriate yoga practice, even the stubborn body fat can be cut down easily. If you have money issues or time issues for joining a yoga class you can learn it from an online tutorial. Otherwise, try to join a yoga class for some time. When your body becomes flexible at the beginner level, you will be able to perform more complicated yoga poses on your own. When you start performing yoga, your body adjusts to a certain type of regime. Hence, your body will start eliminating the unnecessary elements inside. Yoga works as a great detoxifier also.

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How To Find A Great Personal Injury Lawyer

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It is always prudent to choose a lawyer who works exclusively as a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury cases require many specific ideas about different practices and rules. An attorney who handles cases of divorce, bankruptcies and trusts may not be able to deal with a personal injury case. Having in depth knowledge about a personal injury case and a bankruptcy case are two different things. The expertise involved is poles apart. The thought process of the two lawyers will also differ. Never risk the quality of presentation you deliver in the court. Instead of being lazy in the beginning, do your homework to find out the best personal injury lawyers in your city.

Once, my accident due to a faulty electrical connection and I found out a good lawyer based up on his history of work. An attorney who has a history of taking cases to trial is a good option. Usually, what is seen is those attorneys who advertise themselves as personal injury attorney have never actually seen a court room from inside. They mostly try to handle the case outside the court. This is an option, though, going for a fair trial would be better. The judgment then would be more favorable with the party who is right. Insurance companies are extremely aggressive when it comes to a case.

If the insurance company comes to know that your lawyer is not confident about presenting the case before a jury, they will surely take advantage of it. Their advantage will work against your favor. Hence, take every step with full confidence only when you know things properly. DO not go behind lavishly advertising attorneys. A reputed attorney will never feel the requirement of advertising himself or herself. They will automatically be having tens of clients all the time, approaching them for a case. Think about the difference and you will realize how stupid it would be to take a decision in haste when selecting an attorney.

Find out about the history of the lawyer who is around. Also find out whether they have made sufficient number of settlements or not. How many cases they have taken up totally in their career? Not every case is worth a million dollars, hence, if your lawyer asks you to pay a great amount of money for the case, avoid him or her. A true lawyer will never run behind money. Quality is what a successful person always looks for. If your case is highly complicated, you will need an experienced lawyer. Do not forget to check on their knowledge along with their experience. A short interaction would be a good start between a lawyer and a client.

AN active lawyer will always have membership with the National and state level organizations that are especially for lawyers. Being a part of such organizations gives you an opportunity to share and gain more knowledge. If your attorney does so, he or she is definitely a knowledgeable person. If you feel that the lawyer is not taking your case seriously, you can stop working with them. Compromise on the case front will be a bad idea, hence be outspoken in a logical manner with what you want.

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