Simple Steps For Donating Money

While we all love supporting a cause, many times we are burdened by our financial commitments that we are unable to do so. Sometimes this leaves us feeling somewhat guilty about not doing our bit for the society. Therefore, has come up with some simple steps that you can follow in order donate without any holes in your budget. 
Donate Without Emptying Your Bank Account
We are all living our life under tight financial circumstances. Sometimes, there is a need to be frugal also. Being frugal does not necessarily entitle you not to support a cause. You could still do so by planning your finances. Helping others and being involved in a charity certainly brings a level of happiness that cannot be replaced. It is best to send in smaller amounts on a monthly basis to support a cause. If at all you are tied up too much, you could still contribute by volunteering at the charity.
This one of the best methods, to do your bit for the society, without spending a lot of money. Furthermore, this can be done along with your family and friends. When we join hands with our friends and family, we feel motivated and this would be a good way to instill the habit of giving in your kids' mind as well.  There are so many options such as volunteering at the local soup kitchen or building houses. In case you need more options, there are some great resources that can help you find a cause. Jumo, VolunteerMatch and Idealist are some of the best resources to look for volunteering. There also apps such as Catalista that can help you find an opportunity in your locality itself. 
Closet Cleaning
Wondering how closet cleaning can be a way of charity? Here is how. Go through your closet and choose the clothes you are not going to use. It could be something that you have been hanging on for a long time or a dress that no longer fits you. Getting rid of them might be difficult. But giving them away for people who need them will definitely make you feel better. More than you, it might mean a lot to the people who need. You could look up online on how to donate clothes and where to go and drop them. Go ahead and clean up your closet.
Multiply Your Donations
Get money for your charitable causes through the place you are working at. Many organizations support their employee's contribution equally which means you will get double the amount you are willing to donate. Before doing this, check your company's website and understand their policies about donation or corporate social responsibility. You can also check out the charities your company is supporting and think about contributing to them. Google your company’s name with the term foundation to check if they are running any charity organizations. If none of these options come in handy, check with the human resources team for more information. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is not to exploit this option like many tend to do. 
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